Being a true ‘Kochi Kaari’😁, crab has always been my favorite. Growing up I used to be one of those kids who eat very less food(how times have changed!🤣) except for those days when crab or prawn was in the menu😁

Crabs bring a lot of memories from my childhood (ya, sounds funny I know😷 but what can I say, it’s a sign of a true foodie associating food with memories😬). When I was young, my family used to stay in our ancestral home along with my grandparents. Having no kids nearby in that area with whom I could play with, I used to tag along with my grandpa and spent a lot of time with him. We have this backwater fish farm, it was my grandpa’s favorite place and maintaining that used to be his favorite hobby. And when I say maintain, he used fully do every single piece of work in that place – from building compound walls(which eventually fell down😆, but that’s not the point) to even knitting the fish nets! It’s not that he couldn’t hire anyone to do that or buy things ready made, he was a very very strong-minded person, and once he thought of something, nobody could or would dare to change his mind 🤨😎

So I used to tag along with my grandpa, go to our fish farm in our small boat and watch him for hours at a time. While returning he would catch crab from his self made net traps he would have placed, bring it home and my mother would make the most amazing crab roast with them.

While nothing can compare to those delicious freshly caught crab roast, whenever I see crab now in the supermarket, all those good old memories kick in, and my mouth starts watering.

So here’s me attempting to make the famous crab roast.

Here goes the recipe:


  1. Cleaned Crab – 1 kg ( crush the claws slightly so that gravy can go in).
  2. Saute paste: grind together – 6-7 cloves garlic, 1 inch piece ginger, 0.5 tbsp cumin, 1.5 tsp pepper
  3. Onion – Big 5 sliced
  4. Green chilly – 2
  5. Tomato – 2qq
  6. Curry leaves
  7. Kashmiri Chilly powder – 2 tbsp
  8. Coriander powder – 2 tbsp
  9. Garam Masala – 1 tsp
  10. Salt
  11. Coconut oil


  • Heat oil, saute the paste listed in 2 above. Add in curry leaves.
  • Add in sliced onion and slitted green chillies. Add salt to taste Saute in medium fame patiently till onion is nicely soft and starts to brown.
  • Add in the chilly powder, Coriander powder and Garam Masada. Saute till the powders are no more raw.
  • Add in the tomato chopped and saute really patiently with pan cover closed until the tomato pieces are fully cooked, soft and dissolved into the gravy. You shouldnt see any more tomato pieces.
  • It’s time to add crab! Add in the crab and mix nicely until all the crabs pieces are coated nicely with the gravy. No need to add water. Cook it in low flame and water from the crabs will start coming out. It will be more tastier if crab cooks on its own juices.
  • After 5 mins, check and add a bit of water, about 0.5cup if needed. Continue to cook. Normally crab should be cooked in 15-20mins. Take one piece, check and cook for 5 Mins more if needed

Tadaaa! Crab roast is ready🦀💯

One comment

  1. Congrats my dearest daughter. You always have a passion for cooking. Though you chose IT as your profession , you combined it with your passion. Your cooking talent is inherited ancestorily from your ammachi ( grand mother) late Mrs. Mary Joseph. Rembering my dear Amma now, for the delicious food she made everyday though she was busy with her teaching profession and her reposobilties. Hats off Sruthy for remembering your grandfather late Mr.K A Joseph,during this venture


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