I am so addicted to ice lemon tea & green tea that I love to stock up my fridge with a jug of iced tea or a lemonade or a cooler of some kind whenever possible. Been researching different cooler recipes & mixes and that’s when I discovered this amazing fruit called Grapefruit. Always used to ignore this fruit due to its resemblance to orange and assumed it would taste the same. Saw this fruit in many of the drink recipes, so tried it out and I must say I just LOVE it! It has a very distinct and lovely flavour and guess what, its packed with health benefits(being not much of a health junkie, came to know about the health benefits only after one of my friends told about it after she tasted the drink 😀 ). So do try out this fruit.

Recipe of this drink:
Mix together all the below ingredients and chill it atleast for 2-3 hrs before serving
– Juice squeezed from 3 grapefruits
– 250 ml Pineapple juice
– A sprig of rosemary
– Around 1 litre water (adjust if grapefruit is too sour)
– Sugar syrup(feel free to add sugar directly if you are not lazy to stir 😛 )

If you like the flavour of grapefruit, do search in google and you will find tonnes of recipes for drinks, salads etc.

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