Well, because we Indians like to make everything Indianised 😀 , here’s my Indianised Barbequed Beef Burger version! For those who are surprised to see India and Beef together,  you have to know that I come from the awesomest state of India, Kerala, where we adore our beef! (seriously, its not an exaggeration! And we don’t joke when it comes to beef) 😀
For Burger Patty
1. Beef – 750 gms (if your meat has fat in it, the better for your burger to be juicier)
2. Butter – Softened to room temperature – 3 Tb Spoons
3. Cheese – 3 Tb Spoons (if your meat has a lot of fat, you can skip this. This is to make the burger juicy)
4. Sour Lite Cream – 2 Tb spoons (if you dont hv it, skip this. This just adds to the juiciness)

5. Parsley – Few stems
6. Mint leaves – Few
7. Garlic – 6-7 cloves
8. Ginger – 1 inch piece
9. Green Chillies – 4-5 (adjust as per your taste)
10. Chilly Powder – 1.5 Tb Spoon (adjust as per your taste)
11. Garam Masala – 1 Ts spoon ( adjust as per your taste, but careful not to add too much and overpower it)
12. Black Pepper powder – 1 Ts spoon
13. Salt to taste

For Assembling:
14. Burger buns – 4 – Cut into halves and toasted.
15. Capsicum – 2 – Cut into long slices and roasted on BBQ grill(sprinkle a bit of chillpowder n salt)
16. Onion – 2 Big – Sliced into rings and roasted on BBQ grill(sprinkle a bit of chillpowder n salt)
17. Cheese Slices – 8
18. Bacon strips – 8 – roasted on BBQ grill

Mince well the ingredients from 5 to 9 in a food processor. Once minced, add the beef and ingredients from 1 to 4.
Once the beef is well minced, add the spices – from 10 to 13.
Cover the mixture well.

You can prepare this mixture the previous day night and keep refrigerated. If you dont have time, just make it 1-2 hours before your BBQ.

When its time for BBQ, split into 8 patties and barbeque it carefully on the grill.Once well barbequed on both sides, put the cheese slice on top of the patty to get it melted. Lay the patty with the cheese melted on the burger bun along with the roasted capsicum, onion and bacon strips.

So like that, you hv your BBQ Beef Burger.

Warning: This Burger is very much filling. So make sure you allocate enough space to have your other BBQ items 😀

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