Steamed taro with crushed shallot-chilly dip, otherwise known back in my home town Kerala as ‘Chemb puzhughiyathum Ulli chamanthi yum’.


Sometimes simplest things are the tastiest. This is one such recipe which makes a perfect evening snack for weekends.

So here goes the recipe!

For steamed taro:
Boil the cleaned taro in enough water adding salt to taste until its well cooked and soft.
Taro boils very fast, so you wont need much time for this.

For the dip:
Crush together shallots and dry red chillies in a bit of coconut oil. Add salt to taste.
If you prefer,  you may add a bit of tamarind for sourness.

Voila! How easy was that! And healthy too (healthy recipes are not my forte, I promise this was purely coincidental 😛 )!

PS: You may use tapioca instead of taro and it goes well with same dip.
PPS: Ya, as you can guess from the little cup of coffee which got into the pic frame unintentionally, black coffee is an awesome pairing with this.
PPPS: For those living in Singapore, Taro is readily available in the local supermarkets like Shengshiong and even comes in very convenient cleaned and cut packages. How awesome is that !! For those who prefer to take the do-everything-from-scratch route (and not awesome like me 😛 ), go ahead, buy the taro from the market and you can clean it yourself. Ya ya! I admit it is actually very easy to clean, its just that I become lazy when there is shortcut available. 😀
PPPPS 😀 😀 : Don’t know what is taro? Check out the pic below:

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