So this is my take on the Malabar version of the famous “Kulukki Sarbath”, which means shaken lemonade.Β This is a drink you will find in the small roadside shops back in my hometown in Kerala and not in the highend cafes or restaurant although these days this drink is very high in demand. There are quite a lot of variations served and differs from shop to shop.


My version is basically a sweet lemonade made with well diluted milk(condensed milk actually), just a hint of spiciness, thanks to the chilly and ginger, topped up with basil seeds and a teeny-tiny pinch of salt well shaken with ice. Absolutely yummy and must have in this hot weather!!

So here goes the recipe:

In a cocktail shaker, squeeze in lime juice.
Add one chilly split slightly, a small piece of ginger and lime pieces. (adjust the qty according to your taste or skip altogether if you dont like spiciness)
Add in few ice cubes.
Add few spoonfulls of condensed milk.
Add a teeny-tiny pinch of salt. (even though small qty this brings a distinct flavour but not actual saltiness. But you may skip this if you dont like this taste)
Shake altogether.

Pour into the glass along with some soaked basil seeds.
Voila! You have your gourmet Kulukki sarbath ready! πŸ˜€

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